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Welcome to the Roof tile expert.

Welcome to the very well known Roofing tile brand that has lasted the test of time, rain and weather for years. Welcome to M. D. Prajapat, MORBI (INDIA), the company that has given quality tiles and dependable shelter to its customer.

This is our showcase of High quality roofing tiles from India. Our humble achievements along our journey to become one of the most preferred as well as respected Roof tile brand in India. We are happy to have put this site for your reference as well as feedback and inquiries. Surf the best roof tile site on the net.


We struggled to find a high quality and price competitive Roof Tiles Brand for the NEPAL market. We could not even zero down on dependable supplier. In M D Prajapat, we found both, excellent products, well designed and priced along with hassle free buying procedure. The top management is professional in service and friendly in behavior.

Buyer from Nepal

We are located in South India and often find it challenging to buy quality roof tiles at right price. In M D Prajapat, we found a supplier who is good in terms of business professionalism and demeanor. They have great products and a good variety.


We have been working with this company, M D Prjapat, since years. Their age old experience is only beaten by their growing capability to serve client better and provide better products year on year.